College: Unrated

When you go to or rent a movie like this you are not expecting high art. What you are expecting, however, is an easy to watch diversion that will offer you some laughs. What it does offer is an unfunny waste of time. It ends up being an uninspired, low-budget attempt at a rip off of "Superbad". If your idea of a great way to spend 90 minutes is to watch bad actors barely bring to life a bad script while covered with vomit and feces for most of the time then you should watch "College" and maybe get your head checked.

Three high school seniors who are best friends decide to take a trip over a weekend to check out a local college. Once there, Kevin (Drake Bell – Superhero Movie, Jerry Maguire), Morris (Kevin Covais) and Carter (Andrew Caldwell – All About Steve, Transformers), are excited to be pledged by the coolest fraternity on campus. In order to gain access to the fraternity's wild house party that weekend they have to do the most degrading and demeaning things.

The real trouble occurs when the boys catch the attention of some of the sorority girls that the frat boys are also attracted to. The older frat boys step up the humiliation of the high school seniors and also threaten to tell the girls their ages if they don't comply. Not willing to be doormats for the frat boys the high school trio come up with a revenge plot that gives them the upper hand.

If you make it through the watching of this film you will be left with questions rather than finding yourself entertained. Usually in films like this you find yourself cheering the underdog geeks, but that is not the case with this one. It doesn't take long for you to be questioning yourself as to why you are wasting time watching this dog. You will also pose some questions about how many times the screenwriter though he could get away with doing poop or getting laid jokes. They are lame and fall flat on their unfunny faces for the most part.

Those types of questions will "dog" you for the entire length of the film. Which, by the way, will seem much longer than the reputed 94 minutes.

Special Features:
-Gag Reel
-Trailers for Behind Enemy Lines: Columbia and Hit and Run

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