The Flaming Lips

Let's go back…that's what The Flaming Lips seem to have thought while making this album. They have gone back to the past in regards to the way they sound. The musical arrangements are sparse and the material is much darker than their previous album. It really works for them. The percussion is pounding and is only occasionally interrupted by some guitar and keyboards. Even lead singer Wayne Coyne's vocals seem more frantic. Simple yet primal seems to be the theme of the album.

A marvellous aspect of the album is that it is hard to pin down. It is like a concept album as each song flows into the next, but not quite. It does not have any tracks that stand out except for "I Can Be a Frog", which is the only weak song on the album. The lyrics don't seem to make any sense and that gives the whole thing a feeling of mystery.

Words that could be used to describe the album are ones like soothing, sonic, emotional, and ferocious. There is no half way about anything on the album. Critics will love it, but my question is will their fans???