My Life in Ruins -Blu-ray Edition

After the phenomenal success of "My Big Fat Greek Wedding," Canadian actress Nia Vardalos returned to the big screen with "Connie and Carla," which didn't create the same splash as her first hit. Her latest film "My Life In Ruins" sees Nia go back to her Greek roots once again in which she plays the role of Georgia, a travel guide who has lost her "kefi" (Greek word for mojo) and is trying to recapture some happiness in her life.

Georgia's job mainly consists of taking tourists to visit the lovely sites of Greece and giving them a taste of its rich history and culture. She gets more than she bargained for when she gets stuck with a wide array of folks that are less than enthusiastic about her itinerary. To make matters worse, her fellow travel guide (Alistair McGowan) tries everything in the book to make her group upset in an attempt to get her to quit so he can get a raise. Georgia's driver Poupi (Alexis Georgoulis) is the strong silent type covered in long hair and a beard. Little does she realize, he understands her more than anyone else (and under the beard is a handsome man) and that what she seeks is really right under her nose.

I think expectations will be running high for this film as audiences just loved "My Big Fat Greek Wedding." While this film is cute and the tourist sites of Greece were lovely, the script leaves something to be desired. "My Big Fat Greek Wedding" did a better job at capturing the culture and was charming. "My Life In Ruins" could have done without the crude humor and stereotypes, which really didn't add anything to the film. In fact, it took away from it. Nia Vardalos is a talented actress so I am glad to see her back on the big screen. While the story could have been better, it's still a nice movie and if anything, gives the message that we shouldn't take things too seriously and that we should take time to enjoy life.

Special Features:
-Everybody Loves Poupi
-Deleted Scenes
-Alternate Ending
-Bride Wars Trailer

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