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Quentin (Victor Carril) and Antoine (Alexandre Carril) are 18-year-old twin brothers that are trying to get from their native France to their mother's, who they never met, funeral in Spain. They don't have the money to take the train or fly and no car to drive, so they will be hitchhiking and walking their way to Spain.

Despite their obvious closeness the two brothers spend most of their time on the road fighting and making up – or at least tolerating each other until the next fight. The trip will go a long way towards bringing to light the brothers' differences and cause plenty of confusion about how they feel towards each other.

To say that I felt awkward while watching the film would be an understatement. I felt on edge the whole time and not sure I was enjoying myself. The long sections of the film without any dialogue made me feel anxious and the parts where the brothers talked or fought made me feel uncomfortable. It certainly was a different type of movie watching experience.

There is nothing typical about this road film. As the relationship between the two brothers gets more problematic the scenery gets darker. Director Pascal-Alex Vincent makes every effort to make sure that we are aware that things are changing between the brothers. The dark forests replicate the conflict and jealousy going on between Quentin and Antoine.

The problem isn't the darkness or the minimalist tone of the film, it really is that it is a little too one-dimensional for my liking. The story is superficially good looking, but really has no depth to it – kinda like the brothers themselves. We don't get any background information on the brothers or why they behave the way they do. No character development or build up. That makes it really hard to relate to or like either of them.

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