Men and the Younger Woman

For time immemorial men have dated and/or married younger women. Despite the fact that it has been laughed at as a cliché they continue to do so. Even though women claim to find older men 'creepy' they find themselves dating them. Why does this continue to happen?

Men say that dating women of their own age is not as 'fun'. According to men the older women get the more jaded and hardened they get. They no longer seem to believe in romance as opposed to their younger versions, who eat it up with a spoon. Dating women their own age led to men feeling judged and analysed as opposed to being appreciated, which is not exactly the recipe for romance. Younger women seem to come with less baggage.

The way the two sexes are set up men need their egos to be stroked. Dating a younger woman does exactly that. Dating someone who is not as accomplished or economically stable results in the man feeling needed and that leads to him feeling more secure.

The best argument for dating a younger woman seems to be in the success rate of the relationships. For some strange reason research has show that an older man marrying a woman who is at least five years younger than himself leads to longer lasting marriages and fewer divorces.

There are some downsides to dating a woman out of your age bracket is the compatibility issue. Conversations might get a little boring if you have no similar points of reference or shared interests. They also tend to have a different energy level and always want to go out to parties or clubs. This might lead to some naps being taken at your desk the next day. Not an optimal way to get ahead at work. Also, when the younger woman realizes she is not ready to settle down that usually leads to the man getting dumped.

I guess, despite what age you are or the age of who you're dating is, it all comes down to treating people according to who they are and not what age they are.

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