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Canada has always been looked upon as a country with a spotless record when it comes to war and taking an active role in being a global peacekeeper. And for the most part this is true. Whenever the world has called upon this nation to help make sacrifices in the name of world peace we, as a nation, have always stepped up to the plate.

But there is a whole other side to Canada's involvement in conflicts that have happened around the world. "Myths for Profit" sheds some light on corporations and individuals who have used these occasions for monetary profit. Several Canadian corporations have fought for our military to become more than one that is geared for defence purposes and the reason is simple: money. They have become quite rich off of their involvement in the military industry and don't really involve themselves in what it means for a country to arm itself. The moral aspect of the issue does not even factor into their decisions.

Even the Canadian government and military has repeatedly perpetuated the myth that Canada only participates with the aim of being peacekeepers or protectors. This is a myth that this documentary shatters by examining the real motives behind Canada's peacekeeping missions. Our role in NATO, how Canada supported and participated in 'humanitarian' bombings in Yugoslavia in 1999 and the most recent mission in Afghanistan are looked at. From the very beginning our peacekeeping missions are exposed to be largely for political gain. Kosovo, Afghanistan, Haiti, and Iraq were illegal interventions in which we went in without any UN support or sanctions.

Ever Canada's aid agencies are exposed to not be as benevolent as we think. They have their agendas and function or aid based upon profit rather than the goal of helping. Statistics show that only 47% of our aid stays within the countries it is given to. The rest comes back to Canada. Canada's development banks are set up to fulfill our liberal agenda no matter what the beliefs the country they are helping are. Sometimes these agendas actually do more harm than help on the countries and their environments.

For instance, after participating in the bombing in Kosovo and occupying the country, Canada then allowed some of it's banks and corporations to set up inside the country. These banks offered loans and the Yugoslavians has not other options but to accept these loans. No matter the cost.

Yes, we provide aid, but also force the aid money to be returned to Canada. Not quite the picture of a nation giving out of the goodness of its heart, is it? It forces you to question our motives, no?

Canada is also shown to be a nation that while it does not produce many complete weapons systems it does, however, produce many electronic components which are then exported to become parts of weapons systems. Companies like Bombardier, Dupont, CGI, and Pratt and Whitney Canada make huge profits off such exports. These parts are exported and then become active participants in wars around the world.

The documentary has not only as its goal to shed light on these little known truths, but to also to spurn us on to change what we don't like about our military and how we participate on a global scale. It is not democracy that is behind many of our international actions; it is war. Many of the myths behind our reputation as a peaceful country are shown to be manufactured. At the end of it you might change entirely how you think of Canada.

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