How to Pick a Pair of Jeans that Flatter

A good pair of jeans are part of everyone's wardrobe, but finding a pair that fit properly is not all that easy to find. We all would love to wear a pair of those very trendy super skinny jeans, but they aren't meant for everyone. Each of us has to experiment with the different styles of jeans and figure out what flatters us most. Here is a guide that could help you out:

Petites: In order to make your legs look longer and skinnier the best type for you are the straight leg styles.

Shoulders Wider Than Your Hips: Flare jeans will help even our the disparity between shoulders and hips. Flare jeans are narrow at the knees and wider at the ankles drawing attention away from your broad shoulders. This helps balance out the upper and lower parts of your body.

Curvy: Low rise jeans will accentuate your curves. They also add to your silhouette. The fact that they sit below your hips adds to the sexy factor.

A Large Butt: In order to divert attention away from all the junk in your trunk select jeans without pockets or if they do have pockets choose angled ones.

A Belly: In order to disguise a belly mid-rise jeans are the perfect choice. It is also important that the style you choose have a flat front. No need to draw any attention to the area.

Pear Shaped: Dark coloured denim will suit you best. Make sure the style you get are not too fitted, but rather semi-fitted. Totally avoid tapered jeans.

Full Sized: Make sure your jeans are not form fitting. ¾ length really flatter. Also, do not pick jeans made of heavier material, but rather choose ones made of stretchy material.

Small Waist: High waisted jeans will hide this.

Very Slim: Hip huggers that are boot cut with a small flare. This will create curves where there are none.

Any Body Shape: Boot cut jeans that flare a little at the ankles generally flatter all body types. The style has the effect of slimming and making your legs appear longer.

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