Planet 51

While watching this film I was reminded of the film "The Day the Earth Stood Still" as it has the same type of keep your eyes towards the skies as you never know what is coming message. "Planet 51" is like the less heady animated version of the early sci-fi Continue Reading

Dragon Wars – D-War

If you are expecting this film to be all about plot development, character growth and moral issues then move on. If you are intrigued by a monster movie with computer generated special effects then read on. Buraki is an evil 200-metre long Imoogi serpent from Ancient Korea and he leads Continue Reading

Cinemania 2009 Wrap Up

Film festivals to me should be about bringing the public wonderful films that might have fallen through the cracks if not for the festival circuit. In other words, don't even get me started about the Toronto International Film Festival and it's pandering to big Hollywood films. Cinemania does fulfill that Continue Reading

Mark Knopfler

The sixth solo album from the former frontman of Dire Straits is a follow up to his critically acclaimed 2007 album, "Kill to Get Crimson". Obviously the pressure did not get to him as he has come out with another winner. The 11 songs on this album are like taking Continue Reading