Swollen Members Concert Preview

From the time this hip hop collective got together in the mid-1990s they were deemed one of the most innovative rap/hip hop groups ever to come from Canada. Based in Vancouver and consisting of vocalist Moka Only, producer Rob the Viking and rappers Mad Child and Prevail, the band won Continue Reading


Switchfoot's seventh studio album was a difficult one for them as they had around 100 songs written and then had to pare it down to the 12 that made the cut. What they came up with were 12 songs that do not sound like every second one on the radio. Continue Reading


Having won several Grammy Awards and World Music Awards, even if you are not a fan you have to admit that Enya's brand of new age/Celtic music has had an impact. Over the course of her 22 year (so far) career she has released records that have been hits all Continue Reading

John Mayer

With songs with titles like "Heartbreak Warfare", "All We Ever Do is Say Goodbye" and "Perfectly Lonely" you can tell what kind of "Battle Studies" John Mayer is referring to in the title of his fourth studio album. Almost the entire album is filled with songs dealing with affairs of Continue Reading