10 Hottest Female Fashion Trends Winter 2009-10

Just because the colder weather is around the corner and you feel compelled to pile on the layers does not mean you have to compromise your fashion sense. It does not have to come down to a choice of staying warm or being stylish, ladies. Both can happen. Trust me. Here is a list of the 10 hottest fashion trends for this winter and none will compromise you staying warm:

1) Padded Shoulders: The 80s Dynasty look is back with a vengeance. Exaggerating the girth of your shoulders is hot this winter. The wider the better.

2) 80's Fashion: Besides the shoulder pads almost everything 80's in regards to fashion is cool again. Neon colours, large polka dots, sequined skirts, and leather jackets are back in style. Look back at those classic videos and movies from the 80's for fashion ideas.

3) Chain-Strap Bags: Remember those Chanel bags with the metal chain-straps? Well, dig them out of your closets as they are making a comeback. Really any kind of metal on your bags/purses is where it is at this winter.

4) Bold Accessories and Jewelry: No need to dial it down when it comes to earrings, rings or necklaces. The bigger the better. Chunky rings and leather bracelets will have you looking on top of your game.

5) Glittery Clothes: Shimmering fabrics will be everywhere from tops to dresses this winter. This kind of material will guarantee plenty of attention from everyone around you.

6) Zebra and Leopard Stripes: Animal prints are still in. And the two are bound to make a statement for you – strong and exaggerated.

7) Knits: This is one that is going to keep you warm. Make sure they are bulky, bold and (of course) have large shoulders.

8) French Chic: Cinch your waists on your coats and even your tops when possible. Belted coats, sweaters and skirts will be in every designer's lines this winter.

9) Long Scarves: And I mean long. Down to your knees will be the norm this winter season. Long and wide is even better. They can have a simple design or pom poms it doesn't matter.

10) Head to Toe Black: Black on black on black dominated the catwalks this winter. With this look pieces should be tailored to emphasize the sexiness.

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