Off-Ice Training – Alex Kovalev

Besides being known for his high skill set on the ice, Alex Kovalev has always been a player in top shape. This is due to the off-ice routine developed for him by his personal trainer, Tommy Sheehan. It shows you the preparation that he goes through in the off-season in order to get ready to play a grueling NHL season. The 93 exercises on the DVD have been specially developed to help athletes of any sport become stronger and have better endurance. "Off-Ice Training – Alex Kovalev" is a full workout that can benefit young and old. There are plenty of special effects and explanations in this 2-disc package.

Besides the exercises each DVD contains a code which will give the user access to online training sessions from Alex Kovalev's own website ( Online you will be able to develop your own training sessions or select those developed by Kovalev and Tommy Sheehan. All levels (beginner, intermediate and advanced) are included online and on the DVD.

Disc 1:
-Lower Body
-Upper Body
-Total Body
-Movement Training
-Push Training
-Speed and Agility

Disc 2:
-Kovalev and Friends
-Foundation for Kids
-AK 27 Performance Bench
-Off-Ice Hockey Training
-Photo Gallery
-Customized Training Program

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