The Mask of Zorro – Blu-ray Edition

The original Zorro, Don Diego de la Vega (Anthony Hopkins – Proof, The Human Stain), has been imprisoned for the last 20 years. This is a time when Spain has conceded the state of California to Santa Anna. The arch enemy of Zorro, Don Rafael Montero (Stuart Wilson – Enemy of the State, The Age of Innocence), has come to California with an evil plan to become even richer at the expense of the peasants. Don Rafael Montero killed Don Diego de la Vega's wife and stole their daughter, Elena (Catherine Zeta-Jones – Ocean's Twelve, The Terminal), to raise as his own.

De la Vega escapes from prison and undertakes the training of a thief who as an orphan boy once helped him escape from the authorities. The boy's name is Alejandro Murrieta (Antonio Banderas – The Legend of Zorro, Shrek 2) and he is to be de la Vega's successor as Zorro. Alejandro is stubborn but shows some promise with the sword.

Once the training is complete, the two Zorro's get ready to do battle with Montero and his sidekick Captain Harrison Love (Matt Letscher – Identity, Gods and Generals) to free de la Vega's daughter and to save California from Montero. The evil doers in California have to once again fear the Z mark of Zorro.

It is not a crime to make a simple film with a simple story whose purpose it is to just entertain the audience. The Mask of Zorro harkens back to the types of films that they just don't make anymore, there evil is always defeated and good is always triumphant. This is a world where horse chases, sword fighting and romance are everyday occurrences. Movies like this have the ability to make you feel young again.

The acting by Anthony Hopkins, Antonio Banderas and the then newcomer Catherine Zeta-Jones is good. Martin Campbell (GoldenEye, The Legend of Zorro) shows that he knows how to direct a good old fashioned action movie. The stunts are good, the humour works and he keeps the story moving. There is also a decent score by veteran Oscar winner James Horner (Titanic, How The Grinch Stole Christmas). This is not a superb film, but it is one that will keep the whole family interested while watching it.

Special Features:
-Exclusive behind-the-scenes look at The Legend of Zorro
-Exclusive scene from The Legend of Zorro
-Unmasking Zorro documentary
-Deleted scenes
-Music video by Mark Anthony and Tina Arena

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