Neil Young

As a Christmas present to all Neil Young fans the entire album "Harvest Moon" performed live is being released. Taken from a bunch of solo acoustic shows he did in 1992, these recordings actually happened before "Harvest Moon" was released. Surprisingly, the sound is pretty good as it happened at many different venues.

It is Neil Young all raw and in his element. He uses the guitar, harmonica, banjo, and piano on different numbers. Fantastic!

The theme of the album was Young looking back into the past at things that have already happened and his assessment of them. The passage of time is made almost a tangible thing. There is a forlorn quality to all the songs. This is amplified by the fact that the songs are quite bare with just Young's voice and guitar being heard. The inherent honesty in the songs goes through the roof in this setting. Can I say it again – fantastic!

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