Charlotte Gainsbourg

Actress/singer Charlotte Gainsbourg and Beck worked together for over one year and this CD is the result of their collaboration. Beck's touch can be felt everywhere as he co-wrote, produced and mixed the album. The result of the two working together is interesting to say the least.

This is Gainsbourg first album in roughly 4 years, so her fans have been waiting in anticipation of it. First off, it sounds very different from anything she has done in the past. It is her least sexy work – which, for some of us, could be a good thing. The beats on the album all sound very haphazard and the overall sound is a little psychedelic at times. All the music sounds very machinelike. But once you figure out that IRM is the French version of MRI and that after a serious accident Gainsbourg had to undergo several MRIs then it all makes a little more sense. It all becomes a lot more personal. The taking of a negative experience and allowing it to shape your art is very healthy.

Another "interesting" (notice the quotations) aspect of the album is how uninterested or detached Gainsbourg vocals sound throughout the whole album.

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