How to Choose the Right Cologne

When it comes to choosing a scent for yourselves, guys, you know how confusing it can be. It's hard to pick a scent that you like that smells good on you. You should not choose exclusively by what smells good to you but what smells good on you. With the multitude of choices there are it can boogle the mind. Here's a list of hints that might help you some when it comes to choosing a cologne.

1) Choose a Scent to Compliment your Skin Type: For sensitive skin choose a cologne that has natural ingredients such as Polo Blue by Ralph Lauren. For dry skin choose a 'winter' cologne as they have less skin-drying alcohol in them like Black by Kenneth Cole. For oily skin opt for lighter scents like Kouros by Yves St. Laurent.

2) Pulse Points: To really test out how the cologne will smell on you apply it to your pulse points – wrists, neck, throat, and chest. Only one or two at a time or it will be too pungent. These areas will cause a reaction between your natural oils and the cologne.

3) Don't Overapply: If you put too much cologne on none will smell good on you. The rule you should follow is that only people standing right beside you should smell your cologne. If you enter a room and people far way start sniffing then you are wearing too much.

4) Cologne Must Suit your Lifestyle: If you are the Sporty Type choose something like Versace Pour Homme. For the Young Professional Type choose something like The One by Dolce & Gabbana. For the Man's Man Type choose something like L'Homme by Yves St. Laurent, and if you are the Urbanite Type choose something like Euphoria by Calvin Klein.

5) Sample Many: Go to upscale cologne counters and they will often give you a sample of their scents. This will allow you to try out many scents without wasting a lot of money.

6) Change your Scents Depending on the Season: The scents will become more intense the more they mix with your sweat, so go with a lighter scent in the summer and a heavier one in the winter.

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