Robbie Williams

After leaving successful boy band Take That Robbie Williams went solo and became one of the more popular British acts around the turn of the century. Soon his excesses took over and he had to take time off to clean himself up. Now three years after the release of his last album he has released a comeback album of sorts.

The 12 tracks on the album show his range while he still maintains his old school Frank Sinatra swagger. The music is still pure pop music, but there is plenty of variety. From slow tempo songs with lush arrangements to acoustic numbers all types of pop music can be found on this one CD. There is even a doo-wop, 50s style song on the album. Experimentation is good and shows the ability to grow as an artist. What truly matters is that the songs are catchy, singable and well-written. The guy is a rock star no matter the type of music he chooses to record.

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