Aliens in the Attic – Blu-ray Edition

This is sci-fi at its zaniest. A movie goes head-to-head against a video game. At certain points while watching the film you will feel like you are watching someone play a video game. Kids find themselves battling aliens. Fun and hijinx ensue.

During summer vacation the Pearson kids are stuck at a boring lake house with their parents. Their boredom knows no end until little green aliens crash-land on their roof. The aliens have plans to take over the house and then the entire world. The Pearsons have to try and stop them using only their brains, courage and skills at playing video games. This is not the toughest thing they will have to do, though. They will have to keep all of what's going on a secret from their parents.

A farce that is full of funny scenes, a nice message and a big heart. An entertaining story and plenty of laughs. No crude language and really only a few objectionable moments (hits in the crotch scenes), but nothing really too offensive. It is a film that is aimed at the kid in all of us.

Special Features:
-Introduction to Film with Ashley Tisdale
-The Ashley Encounters
-Deleted Scenes
-Gag Reels
-Behind the Zirkonians
-Digital Copy

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