Leap Year

There is no point complaining that all romantic comedies are formulaic. That is the nature of the beast and you either like it or lump it. For me, complaining about it would be akin to being married to a sports star (Hello, Tiger Woods) and being surprised when he cheated Continue Reading


I watch a lot of movies; hence the job of reviewing them. And I like books, I like good writing, I like good story construction. And like anyone who's seen a lot of movies or who's read a few books, I know the canned turns in action, the pat set-ups Continue Reading

Mamma Mia! Preview

After a successful run on Broadway, on the big screen, and in Montreal Mamma Mia! is back for a short encore run. This musical is a comedy that features the much-loved songs of Swedish supergroup ABBA. It seems like the music from this group never goes out of style. During Continue Reading