Cheaper by the Dozen 2 – Blu-ray Edition

Tom (Steve Martin – Shopgirl, All of Me) and Kate Baker (Bonnie Hunt – Jerry McGuire, Monsters, Inc.) are parents of 12 kids and yet they are beginning to feel as if their kids are all growing up and slipping away. They are experiencing empty nest syndrome while still having 9 kids at home.

Eldest daughter Nora (Piper Perabo – Coyote Ugly, Cheaper By The Dozen) and husband Bud (Jonathan Bennett – Mean Girls) are having a baby and will be moving to Houston. Second eldest daughter Lorraine (Hilary Duff – The Lizzie McGuire Movie, Agent Cody Banks) has just graduated from high school and is moving to New York for a summer intern at a fashion magazine. Eldest son Charlie (Tom Welling – from television's Smallville) is working as a mechanic in the city while deciding what to do with his life.

Tom decides that they whole family is going to spend one last summer together at Lake Winnetka. Despite the dilapidated condition of their cabin, everything is going fine until Tom and Kate bump into Tom's old rival, Jimmy Murtaugh (Eugene Levy – The Man, American Pie). Jimmy is a successful businessman with 8 perfect children and a young fourth wife named Sarina (Carmen Electra – Starsky & Hutch, Scary Movie). He lives in a gigantic compound named The Boulders and has purchased most of the property around the lake. Tom and Jimmy are very competitive and their competitive fervor comes to a head at the annual Labour Day Cup family competition at the lake.

Sometimes I watch sequels and wonder why they are made as there must be better ways to spend money. This film could fall into that category, but something starring Steve Martin, Eugene Levy and a bunch of kids warms my Grinch heart.

The first installment of this film was a surprising success ($190 million at the box office), so of course they made a sequel (When is Hollywood gonna learn that sometimes it is best to leave well enough alone?!?). Director Adam Shankman (The Pacifier, The Wedding Planner) has made a film that will make young kids laugh (plenty of falling down, exploding firecrackers, following trails of animal poo, etc.) and parents will be able to not worry about bringing their kids to see. It is a harmless film that has its moments of being funny, cute and touching.

Special Features:
-Camp Chaos
-A Comedic Trio
-Fox Movie Channel Presents: Casting Session
-Theatrical Trailers

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