Big John Bates

If you mix garage blues with Tom Waits and the Rocky Horror Picture Show then you've got something that is close to Big John Bates's music. Big John Bates and the Voodoo Dollz have played hundreds of shows in over a dozen countries and have garnished rave reviews wherever they have played. An important (and much loved) part of their live show is the burlesque portion featuring the Voodoo Dollz. Shows can features pasties on fire, chainsaws and crazy choreography. It is dark rock meets girls on fire. Can you say cult favourite?

As for the music, on this album many of the songs sound like something you would hear in rough 'n tumble bars in various parts of the United States. The bars would be the type with plenty of bikers and leather and studs wearing patrons. The interesting part is that they are from Canada. Everything about the band is über authentic. You really feel that they are feeling it. The guitar solos sound whiskey soaked, the beats pounding and distorted and the vocals raspy. Not an album for those who like "pretty" sounding music.

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