Terminator Salvation – Blu-ray Edition

After all the bad press Christian Bale got for his now infamous language laden outburst before the film was even released, I think that most were surprised that "Terminator Salvation" was any good at all. While it is no way near the best action flick you will ever see in your life, but overall you will have a good time watching it.

Skynet has destroyed most of the world and humans along with it with a nuclear attack. A band of survivors led by John Connor (Christian Bale – The Dark Knight, Public Enemies) try to stop the machines from wiping out the remaining few humans. Connor has discovered a way to save humankind. One of the survivors meets a man named Marcus Wright (Sam Worthington – Avatar, Hart's War), who claims to not know anything about Judgment Day. They then suspect him to be half man, half machine – a fact that he denies.

Connor has also figured out that the machines are targeting a man, Kyle Reese (Anton Yelchin – Star Trek, Along Came a Spider), who is supposed to be his father. Connor decides to try and find this man before the machines can kill him.

The look of the film and CGI effects are quite cool. Director McG (We Are Marshall, Charlie's Angels) does all the action in a kind of old school, explosion after explosion type way. Everything is fast and loud (the way it should be) during the action scenes.

Within the story there are a few loop holes and inconsistencies, but there are in most films of this genre. It is almost an impossible thing to make them completely possible or realistic. Don't linger on them and enjoy the visuals and fun of the film.

Special Features:
-Digital Destruction
-Enlisting the Air Force
-Molten Metal and the Science of Simulation
-Building the Gas Station
-Creating the VLA Attack
-Exploding Serena's Lab in Miniature
-An Icon Returns
-Terminator Factory
-Stan Winston Workshop
-Napalm Blast
-Reforging the Future
-The Moto-Terminator

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