Coming out of an established music stable like that of Lukasz Gottwald's (Dr Luke) – he of Katy Perry and Kelly Clarkson fame – is impressive. The fact that her debut single "Tik Tok" is everywhere and at the top of the charts is impressive. But the impressive facts stop there for me.

What I found less than impressive was the fact that if you listen to the whole album you still come out of it not sure if this young lady can actually sing. The vocals are so heavily processed it could be my voice (which is not pleasant, trust me!) behind it all. Is this really the future of pop music? Churning out slightly controversial, but attractive young female singers who cannot really sing….help me!

Another thumbs down part for me was the overall cattiness of the lyrics. Is this really what we want young people listening to and relating to? I mean, there is even a song called "Backstabber". Really? Double help me!

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