Wizards of Waveryly Place The Movie

The Disney television series "Wizards of Waverly Place" is a pop culture phenomenon and has made a huge star of its young star, Selena Gomez. Like Hilary Duff and Miley Cyrus before her, Selena Gomez has become the young lady that every girl under the age of 16 wants to be. This feature-length film follows along the path forged before it by the television series (Hey, if it ain't broke don't fix it!), so it involves magic, laughs and action.

That wild and crazy magical family, the Russos, is on vacation, or what they think is one, when Alex (Selena Gomez – Another Cinderella Story, Horton Hears a Who!) casts a spell by accident that puts the entire family in danger. Max (Jake T. Austin – Hotel for Dogs) tries to divert his parents from the trouble while Alex and Justin (David Henrie – from television's How I Met Your Mother) try every magic trick they know in order to try and locate the "Stone of Dreams". This magical article has in its powers the ability to reverse the spell and save the Russo clan.

I started off thinking about writing the review for this film and thought simply that it is what you would expect. There is a story, some great scenery and the special effects are not laughable. The question I then pose then is that should those three things be all that we expect from this film? Food for thought…

What I was certain about is that Disney star Selena Gomez is quite likeable. She has that star quality and truly outshines her co-stars in the film.

The film is definitely okay for all family members to watch from young to old as there is nothing offensive in it. It is saccharine sweet and fun (to a certain extent), so if you don't mind the resulting tooth ache then sit down and watch this one.

Special Features:
-Color-Changing Wishing Stone with Clip!
-On Location!

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