Michal Towber

For her fourth album Israeli native Michal Towber is still an independent artist, which is hard to believe. The young lady has written Emmy Award-winning songs for the television show One Life to Live and has had her song featured on many other television shows. The music business is tough. For every overnight success there is an artist who struggles to get their music heard. At 24 she is not about to give up yet and based on this album she shouldn't.

She did gain some online buzz for her rock version of Lady Gaga's "Poker Face". And also had a song that was under consideration for the "Twilight" soundtrack. Obviously she appeals to the young, cool people. Savvy with all the modern music marketing ways, she is even running a song-a-day marathon, which is up to 100 songs, on her Facebook site, so check it out.

Michal's, who is a classically trained pianist and also plays guitar, music is of the alternative rock variety and she is the main songwriter. She seems to have a talent for making sad songs sound upbeat. How could you not like an album that has songs on it entitled "Get a Life", "You Slay Me" and "Not Dead Yet"?

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