Dana Wilson

At a lengthy 15 tracks Dana Wilson is certainly not shortchanging anyone who buys his latest CD. Fourteen of the fifteen tracks are originals written by Wilson, but he does include one cover, "House of the Rising Sun", to let us see his interpretive skills as well. If you are not familiar with this artist, who has released a couple of previous albums, and you are a fan of classic rock and Americana then Wilson's latest should appeal to you.

As you listen to the album you will begin to realize that he is talented enough to try out a different musical style or genre on each of the tracks. From a Leonard Cohen inspired whisper to guitar blues to Celtic rock to a country waltz the man has wide musical interests.

Each song is a story and they all cover different aspects of life and our journey through it. Whether he is singing about the economy, dark times, joy, outrage at injustice, or lost love attention is paid to each word he sings. The lyrics, whether dark or light, are poetic to say the least.

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