What Colour Suits Me?

Even if you are wearing a style of clothes that suit you if you are not picking the right colours for you then you are still not looking your best. The right colour makes you look bright and alert while the wrong colour will make you look pasty and tired. So then the next natural question is "how do I figure out what colours look good on me"? Thankfully for you I am here to make it all easier for you.

You have to factor in your hair colour, eye colour and skin tone in order to make the right colour decisions. You also have to choose colours that compliment or contrast your accessories like makeup and jewelry. It is important to realize that if a colour suits you it will blend in with your natural colourings instead of dominating how you look.

The most simple colour analysis divides people into Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter. To begin you have to find out if you are a warm (spring, summer) or cool (fall, winter) tone. To test which you are take a piece of white paper, stand 2-3 feet away from a mirror and place the paper under your chin. Close your eyes for a few seconds. When you open your eyes did you notice the paper or your face first? If it was your face then you are cool. If it was the paper then you are warm.

Now once you know that if you are warm and have light blonde to medium brown hair you are Spring. If you are warm and have red, dark brown or black hair then you are a Autumn. If you are cool and have light blonde to deep brown hair then you are a Summer. If you are cool and have medium brown, dark brown or black hair then you are a Winter.

Now that you can figure out what season you are here are some colours that tend to work with each of them:

Spring – Cadet navy, olive, golden brown, camel and warm grays
Autumn – Mahogany, brown, coral and light peach
Summer – Heather gray, slate blue, powder pink and dusty purple
Winter – Dark navy, black, taupe and lemon yellow

No system is perfect and you sometimes have to follow your own instincts, but for the most part if you follow these instructions and you'll soon hear "Wow! You look great in that colour!" from all kinds of people.

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