What is the Big Deal About Edward Cullen?

I need someone to explain this whole Edward Cullen phenomenon for me. It has been many a year since we've seen ladies – young and old – react this forcefully to a fictional character that they've never laid eyes on. I mean he's a vampire and wears lipstick! What makes him so appealing?

In case you have been under a rock for the past couple of years, Edward Cullen is a character in Stephanie Meyer's Twilight book series. He is a vampire who falls in love with a mopey girl-next-door named Bella. In the books the couple is all romance and no sex.

Edward is smart but in a geeky type of way, romantic but in a creepy type of way, rich, and good looking. I get that but a bunch of other characters have had the same attributes. Is it the mystery? Is it that woman have strong fantasies about being the love object of a vampire? I get that he is smooth and romantic but really the reaction to him is overboard. It's been built up so much that women seem to being having the same visceral reaction that men have to pornography. What does he have that other men don't?

It seems to me that what have been pointed out as his attributes can be seen as chauvinistic. Edward makes himself Bella's protector and often doesn't let her make her own decision as he thinks he always knows better. He is obsessive, overly doting and always seeking approval. If you look at it objectively he stalks Bella and watches her in her sleep. Annoying and creepy, no?

Is he the ultimate bad boy? Are women attracted to the excitement that seems to follow him wherever he goes? It is the same old story of a woman trying to change a lion into a lamb.

What is even more interesting is how males seem to have the opposite reaction to Edward. They don't like him. Do they find him a little too feminine? Is he seen as odd because he does not have sex with the woman he professes to love? Is it simply because they are jealous about their partners' obsessions with this fictional character?

I'm not sure that I will ever understand this particular phenomenon. I guess I'll just have to file it in the "That's Incredible!" category.

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