Shorts – Blu-ray Edition

Director Robert Rodriguez has not lost his childlike side yet. His latest film is totally told from a young person's perspective. Each of the shorts in the film is like getting inside the head of a child and seeing their unique view of the world. This family action-adventure will entertain the entire family.

Toe Thompson is an 11-year-old who lives in the suburbs. Everyone in the community works for Black Box Industries. Black Box makes a do-it-all gadget that is the hot item of the entire nation. Toe already thinks the community he lives in is weird, but things are about to get even wierder and in a hurry.

A freak storm hits town and a mysterious Rainbow rock appears and seems to have the power to grant the wishes of anyone who finds it. The rock has just fallen from the sky during the storm and moves its way around town. The whole community is sent topsy-turvy due to the rock. Suddenly there are tiny aliens and giant boogers to contend with.

Things get even more chaotic when Mr. Black gets his hands on the rock and attempts to use it for world domination. It will be up to Toe and his friends to put an end to this.

The film and story is told by a series of interlocking shorts that tell the tale of the wonderfully out-of-control wishes of the young people in the Black Box community. The stories are purposely over-the-top and the humour often of the gross out variety. It is aimed at kids and uses the formula they love.

Probably best appreciated and understood by kids 10 and older as the shorts are told out of sequence, so the younger viewers might get confused.

Special Features:
-The Magic of Shorts
-Digital Copy
-Shorts: Show and Tell
-Ten-Minute Cooking School: Chocolate Chip Volcano Cookies
-Ten-Minute Film School: Short Shorts

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