Leaving the Fold

This particular documentary was filmed partially in Montreal and by Montreal director, Eric Scott (the Other Zionists, Je Me Souviens). The documentary is about five young people who have decided to leave the fold of their Hasidic Jewish upbringing to lead a more secular life. Several of the five lived Continue Reading

Mass Assembly

Toronto quartet (D – vocals/guitar, Dave – bass, Bill – lead guitar, Bruce – drums) Mass Assembly plays a down and dirty type garage rock. While the production values on the EP are high (much of the crunchy guitar work that you hear from them live has been cleaned up) Continue Reading

Shadows Fall

Around since 1995 this metal band has released their 5th full-length album. They have been nominated for Grammy Awards and have a song featured on Guitar Hero (sure sign of success), but lately the band has fallen on hard times. With their last album not selling very well and plenty Continue Reading