Heavage is Back!

What is heavage you ask? Well silly, that is the name we give to male cleavage. And in 2009 men showing off what they got was back big and I don't see it changing in 2010. Metrosexual men everyone have declared that they are not going to let women have all the fun and have started loosening up when it comes to showing their heavage. Male decolletage is all the rage.

Fashion goes in ebbs and flows. During the disco era in the 70s with all those satin shirts being unbuttoned almost to the bellybutton it was not unusual to see the male chest exposed. Once disco died its horrible death so too did the unbuttoned shirts. It seems like 2009 brought the male chest with hair or not back. With shirts being undone at least 3 buttons and even t-shirts being of the deep v-neck variety the male chest was everywhere.

Heavage is not only for Italian or Latin men or Michael Bolton as current day hottie Alexander Skarsgard has been known to rock out his chest on "True Blood". On the same popular show, former model Mehcad Brooks rarely goes an episode without showing off his chest. Then there is actors Jude Law and Ed Westwick to name a few.

Unlike the 70s, chest hair cannot be wild if you go the heavage route. The exposed male chest has to be waxed and preened like you would a bush in your garden. Even if you choose to leave some hair it has to be well maintained, guys. It should be just peeking out and not overflowing.

Here are some absolute no-no's when it comes to exposing your chest. If you have boobs (or the male version – mobs) bigger than your female friends then please keep them covered, gents. For those who insist on exposing please hit the gym every once in a while in order to keep everything in that area toned and fit – jiggling is not good! Anything more than a thin thatch of hair in the chest area is too much and you must take care of it before you expose it to the world.

This is a style that can be masculine if you carry it off with enough swagger, but it most certainly is for those who are confident about their bodies.

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