Ringo Starr

Former Beatle Ringo Starr seems to be most comfortable making music when it is a collaborative process. During the 50s and 60s he had John, Paul and George and now on his latest solo album he has Dave Stewart (Eurythmics), Richard Marx (he's still around??), Billy Squier, Ben Harper, and Joss Stone to help him out. All this plus his old pal Paul McCartney appears on "Y Not".

It is interesting that on this album Ringo has finally grabbed the reins and produced his own work. As a result of it being completely his own vision, it ends up being quite personal and intimate an album. Whereas most of his previous solo work has fallen into the pop music category this is straight forward rock 'n roll.

The highlight of the album for me is the beautiful "Peace Dream", a song that namechecks John Lennon. The song features a great bassline by Sir Paul and will be a track that you can listen to over and over without getting sick of.

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