Top 10 Ways to Ruin Relationships

With Valentine's Day just around the corner love is really in the air…and in the stores…and on television commercials. It's everywhere. Though it is all around us it is still something that befuddles most us this thing called love. So much so that many of us, even if we have been in a relationship for many years, still make those mistakes that can end up killing a romance. As my Valentine's Day gift to you I have made you lives easier by identifying 10 of the most common and deadliest errors someone in a relationship can make. I am not going to list the obvious, such as cheating, but those things that you might not recognize about yourself that harm relationships.

1) You are too Clingy: Calling and texting too often is not attractive! No one wants to feel as if they are going out with their mother. No need to smother. If you tell them you love them too early or try to spend every moment of the waking day with them your partner is going to run to the hills as fast as they can. A way to solve this is to believe that your life is great how it is and if someone wants to be a part of it then great if not then it's their loss.

2) Too Much Drama: Drama queens or kings are not fun to be in a relationship with. The constant ups and downs and fits and tears are tiring for the other person. If you are bored then picking a fight with your partner is not the way to solve that problem as it will just create another.

3) Still Hung Up on Former Partners: We all have those exes who have made an impression on us. Who are awkward to see still. It will be a problem for any future relationship if you are still hung up on your ex. Get over it! And stay single until you are.

4) You are Negative: The more negative you are the harder it will be to get out of your current predicament. You will also bring your partner down into the deep, dark pit with you. Put a smile on your face and hit the town. That is a sure way to make yourself feel better.

5) Too Bossy: See number 1. No one like to be dating their mother. You and your partner are only going to work out if you are equals in the relationship. Stop telling them what to do and maybe think about doing things their way for once.

6) Friends That Hold You Back: Why is it that many people have that friend who is just poison but won't give them up? They give you bad advice and hold you back from your present relationship. Usually single they don't want you to be happy so they try to sabotage any chance of your relationship working out. Remember it is your life!

7) Work Comes Before Love: Many people are workaholics and end up spending more time and effort at their jobs than they do with their relationships. Relationships take time and effort. No one wants to play second fiddle to your job. Balance between job and love is what is needed for you to be successful at both.

8) Your Parents are Buttinskis: Cut the umbilical cord and tell mom and dad that you are a big boy/girl now and don't need them to be there every second. Remember that parents are just human beings and are not always right.

9) You Neglect Your Health and Appearance: Though we all have different taste (Thank God!) one of the things the person you are with was attracted to you was the way you look. If you stop giving a crap about these two things then usually your love live will go down the drain with them. You only have one life and one body so take care of them.

10) Failing to Communicate: If you are angry tell them. In a non-screaming way. Don't repress your feelings. Even the negative ones have to be communicated. If you bottle things up they will eventually explode and you will look like a crazy person. Remember no one is a mind reader – you have to tell them how you are feeling.

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