Meaghan Smith

This is the follow up album to Meaghan's debut EP "The Cricket's Quartet". Since the release of that album in 2008 Meaghan has toured with the likes of Ron Sexsmith and Chantal Kreviazuk gaining experience at the same time she was honing her songs. A fan of old film musicals, big band and jazz from the 1920s-40s, the sound on this does not come as a surprise. The musical is big, colourful and full of whimsy. Just what music should be, no?

Meaghan describes her music as "modern vintage" and that is a fitting label to affix to this album. While listening to it you will feel yourself transported to another world and time. You might feel you are in a bar in the 1940s or a carnival in the 1920s and listening to a female performer who is a little different than most. Which is a good thing.

While you are listening to her songs if you pay attention to the lyrics then you will discover songs about the usual heartbreak alongside a song entitled "You Got Out" about being surprised over the fact that a boyfriend who had been in jail was now knocking on her door. As I said, she is a little different.

Meaghan Smith has her own thing going on and has the confidence to continue along the musical path she is forging.

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