Zero 7

Boyhood friends in London, Sam and Henry make up Zero 7 who stepped into the limelight with their remix in the 1990s of Radiohead's "Climbing Up the Walls". After gaining a huge following courtesy of their first three albums the duo is now changing it up a little for the fourth release, "Yeah Ghost".

The album is so different that if you don't know it is them you probably will not be able to identify the artist. The music on this album is more technically oriented and as a result a little less warm. It is certainly a more artistic effort. It is obvious they were in experimentation mode with this album and it doesn't always work out unfortunately. Let's hope it does not piss off their fans.

Zero 7 used to work with a vocalist named Sia, but on this album she has been replaced by Eska, a woman with a very different voice. It's all raspy and scratchy.

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