Mitch Burger

Mitch Burger's indie debut album is one that he can say that he is entirely responsible for. Burger wrote, played on and produced all the nine tracks on the album. Having always been a member of a band (Severed Hand, Eternity Void and The Bob Burger Band) up until this point in his musical career it must have been very freeing for him to be entirely responsible for his music. No one to debate things over with or consensus decisions to make. Burger is the man on this album.

The album's music is made up songs that are a combination of electronica and alternative music. He lists Depeche Mode, Nine Inch Nails, Radio Head, and Massive Attack as some of his influences, so it makes sense that his music turned out sounding like a mish mash of these successful artists.

While the album will not change your world it is not horrible. For fans of the above mentioned groups or music like it then check it out.

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