Should You Settle?

As women get older and remain single should they lower their standards when it comes to finding a life partner? Should they wait until they are head-over-heels in love (whatever that is) or should women just get together with Mr. Good Enough?

While you are pondering those questions I ask you to ponder back to the list of qualities you had for the man of your dreams in your 20s. Didn't he have to be a certain height, weight, income bracket, stunning to look at, sensitive, possess a body of a Greek god, and be a university graduate? Once you moved into your 30s did your requirements list get whittled down to things like he's nice, hopefully some hair on his head but it isn't essential, would be nice if he's taller than you, and a nice smile would be good. Why the change? Does it mean you are settling? Or does it just mean that you have gotten older, wiser and less superficial?

Today's women seem obsessed with finding the perfect man and toss away any potential mates who show any sign of weakness. They throw away guys for the slightest of reasons and one day wake up at 38 or 40 and would gladly take some of those discards back. It takes a while for some people to get beyond looks and superficial things in order to see the beauty on the inside of a person.

Is it settling if these 'good enough' guys make excellent mates and fathers? I don't think so. This notion of a soul mate is something that we have been brainwashed with. It is a beautiful concept and for a few people it is a reality, but in actuality Mr. Good Enough is reality for the majority. If you are being realistic there are probably a number of people you could build a life with. It seems more realistic to me that true love develops over time and very rarely happens upon first sight.

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