Jamie Cullum

Previously in his career British jazz vocalist/pianist Jamie Cullum has made a name for himself due to his energetic live shows and his amazing covers of songs like The White Stripes "Seven Nation Army" and Radiohead's "High and Dry". Now he is smashing all those preconceived expectations with the long-awaited release (four years between albums) of his latest album, "The Pursuit".

This album is full of range and variety. You get everything from swing to ballads to Broadway type numbers to dance music. There are very few musical pools that he does not dip his toes into. On his third album for the Verve record label he has totally reinvented himself. There are nine originals penned by Cullum and five covers on the album. When you listen to the album you'll feel like he almost went into the recording of it thinking that anything goes.

There are no other artists around today who have the ability to take a recognized song and make all their own like Jamie Cullum. His interpretation skills are second to none. For instance, you won't recognize Rihanna's dance hit "Please Don't Stop the Music" because he has turned it into a sexy ballad.

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