Turner Classic Movies Greatest Classic Films Collection – Hitchcock Thrillers

Alfred Hitchcock is one of the best respected directors in the history of film. Most of the films he directed became instant classics. Most are suspenseful thrillers. Most will leave you biting your fingernails while trying to figure out what is going to happen next. The four films in this collection are no different.


Lina (played by Joan Fontaine) is a rich wallflower thinks that playboy Johnnie (played by Cary Grant), who she is married to, is a murderer. Worse than that she thinks he aims to make her his next victim.

Strangers on a Train:

A rich but crazy playboy, Bruno Anthony (played by Robert Walker), meets a tennis pro named Guy Haines (played by Farley Granger) on the train. They strike up a conversation and Bruno suggests something crazy – how two complete strangers can get away with murder.

I Confess:

A priest (played by Montgomery Clift) hears a killer's confession but his vows forbid him from doing anything about it. Trouble grows when the priest becomes the prime suspect in the murder.

The Wrong Man:

A musician (played by Henry Fonda) is wrongly accused of a bank robbery. He is an exact duplicate of the real robber. His wife (played by Vera Miles) is driven mad by everything.

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