Green Zone

After Kathryn Bigelow's spectacular win at this year's Oscars for the "Hurt Locker," a story about the war in Iraq, Hollywood keeps up with the theme in "Green Zone". A story about a Chief Officer on the hunt for weapons of mass destruction which is based on the book "Imperial Life in the Emerald City" by Rajiv Chandrasekaran.

Chief Warrant Officer Roy Miller (Matt Damon) and his team of soldiers are on the hunt for weapons of mass destruction. After they keep coming up empty handed, Miller starts questioning the intelligence behind the tips forwarded by a government official. He gets a tip from a local resident, which sets off a chain of events that slowly unravels the real truth behind the mission.

Let's begin with the positive points of the film…Matt Damon. He carried his role well and had a good screen presence. Another plus point about the film is that it shows us there are still some people out there willing to do what's morally right and fair, no matter what the cost.

The negative points are numerous. First of all, as much I was trying to follow the story, some of the scenes where the soldiers were talking on the streets were difficult to understand as the surrounding sounds were overshadowing their conversations. When the locals were speaking in their language, it was a relief to see sub-titles because at least it was clear what was happening amongst them. There were other times where the director went for the really grainy look and jumpy camera movements. While I can understand the possible reasons behind those decisions, the jumpy camera movements were too much for the eyes and if a movie keeps making you want to look away from the screen, it doesn't become an enjoyable experience to watch it. While we all know the story behind this weapons of mass destruction theory, I think the idea of the film was fine but the presentation could have been far better.

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