Lower Than Atlantis

Mixing a hardcore musical sound with melodic vocals are what this band is all about. Lower Than Atlantis manage to stay edgy while also providing listeners with plenty 'o melody. What stood out for me is how the thunderous drums and bass playing on the album really root everything else that happens on this their debut outing.

The music is obviously aimed at teenagers as the lyrics focus on overcoming adversity in trying times. Lyrically we not only delve into the subject of lost love, but also the economic recession, unemployment and the disenchantment of the younger portions of the population. They are trying to send out positivity to an age group who need it.

Lower than Atlantis's first album is in no way perfect and they do make some errors in judgment (tacky samples and some uncool group vocals in sections), but these types of things will sort themselves out as the band gets a little more experience under their belts. Good beginning.

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