Alan Jackson

Country music has been going through a Carrie Underwood versus Reba McIntyre debate for many years now. Shania Twain versus Martina McBride. Traditional country music versus this new wave country. Alan Jackson is an artist who has always been a traditionalist. He is pure country. Jackson makes it very popular to be a purist, though. He is twenty years into his career and is very comfortable in his own skin…up until recently. But fear not, he's back.

Alan Jackson went off on a tangent the last couple of albums he recorded trying on gospel and adult contemporary on for size, but now he is back into his groove – country music. And by the sound of it he is happy to be home.

The 12 tracks on the album are of the style we have become used to from Jackson. They are laid back, about love, family, etc. and set to down home melodies. Nothing seems forced or a put on about the music. It almost deceives you into believing that he must have recorded the album in his sleep. Take the time to really listen to the lyrics and the music you'll then see the wisdom and complexity in it.

The title track "Freight Train", written by Fred Eaglesmith, is a standout. It is an up tempo number that seems to engage not only the listener, but the artist and his musicians as well. Good to hear that the 51-year-old has not taken his foot off the gas.

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