Zombieland – Blu-ray Edition

This is a road trip film of a different sorts if you factor in that it happens in a United States that is overrun with zombies. After watching the film all I have to say is that road trip plus zombies equals fun!

The United States has been overrun with zombies. These flesh eating monsters are making life very difficult for the few people who have not been infected. University of Texas student Columbus (Jesse Eisenberg – Adventureland, The Squid and the Whale) is trying to make his way back to his parents in his home state of Ohio without being literally eaten alive by the zombies.

On his way he meets the ultimate alpha male, Tallahassee (Woody Harrelson – 2012, The Messenger). Tallahassee is on his way to Florida in his black Escalade killing a copious amount of zombies along the way and stopping every so often to look for his favourite food – a Twinkie. He agrees to drive Columbus at least part of the way, so the two begin to travel together.

On the road Tallahassee spies a grocery store and makes a pit stop there thinking he might find some Twinkies. What he does find are zombies (which they kill) and two teenage girls, Wichita (Emma Stone – The House Bunny, Superbad) and Little Rock (Abigail Breslin – Little Miss Sunshine, My Sister's Keeper) and before you can say "gotcha", Wichita and Little Rock have conned the two men and have taken off with their SUV and guns.

After the two men find a Hummer with a stash of guns Tallahassee, wanting revenge, sets off after the two sisters. They soon spy the Escalade broken down on the highway. Thinking this is his chance, Tallahassee is happy. Once again the sisters get the better of the two men, but this time they all agree to travel to Disneyland (a supposed safe zone) together.

The story is very loose and several things about it don't make any sense, but really is that why you chose to watch the film? I think not! You chose a film like this because it looked like a fun zombie romp and it is. The zombies are not scary in the least and mostly provide bodies and laughs.

Let it not be believed that that is no blood and guts in the film because there is. From the opening credits the amount of blood spilled and body count is amazing. If you are sensitive about seeing this type of thing then don't watch "Zombieland" as there is an equal amount of blood and laughs in it.

A little more than half way through the film there is a cameo appearance (you will not get out of me who it is) that is a scream. I love when someone can make fun of themselves.

Fun, fun, fun til your daddy takes the remote away is what this film is all about. It is quirky and kooky and funny and even occasionally touching. A fun zombie film watch.

Special Features:
-Beyond the Graveyard"
-"In Search of Zombieland"
-"Zombieland is Your Land"
-Deleted Scenes
-Visual Effects Progression Scenes
-Theatrical Promo Trailers
-PS3 Wallpaper

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