Explore the Earth

An adventure with Dora and her pet monkey Boots that spans the globe. Expect the usual brightly coloured animation, kid-friendly lessons to learn and songs to sing and dance to. Aimed at preschool kids.

Episode 1: Mixed-Up Season: Dora and Boots are fans of the beach during the summer season but one person there – a snowman – is not having as good a time as them.

Episode 2: To the South Pole: Dora, Boots and Diego talk to animals, ride on a plane, a boat and even a snowmobile in an effort to bring a lost penguin back to his family in the South Pole.

Episode 3: Save Diego: The tables are turned when animal rescuer Diego gets help from animals when he needs rescuing.

Episode 4: Beaches: Boots has lost his floatie and cannot swim in the ocean. You have to help him and Dora find it.

Special Features: Moose and Zee "Explore the Seashore", Moose and Zee "In My Neighbourhood"

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