Bert and Ernie’s Great Adventures

Helping preschoolers learn in a fun way about cooperation, friendship and critical thinking skills is what Sesame Street has been about for roughly 40 years. This DVD continues along that path and stars those favourites Ernie and Bert. Made using the clay animation style these episodes are fun and creative. Each episode is a very kid friendly 5 minutes in length so kids don't lose interest.

Episode 1: Pirates: Bert and Ernie search for buried treasure.

Episode 2: Deep Sea: Bert and Ernie swim with the fishes.

Episode 3: Tiny Town: Bert and Ernie find themselves shrunk down to miniature.

Episode 4: Planet Bert: Bert and Ernie visit outer space.

Episode 5: Cavemen: Bert and Ernie meet a baby dinosaur.

Episode 6: Mountain Climbers: Bert and Ernie meet Bert's favourite heroine, Heidi.

Episode 7: Penguins: Bert and Ernie help out an Arctic friend.

Episode 8: Ernlock Holmes: Bert and Ernie are two Victorian era detectives looking for Lady Quakerville's lost duck.

Episode 9: Rainforest: Bert and Ernie visit a rainforest.

Episode 10: Bakers: Bert and Ernie cook up a mess.

Episode 11: Wizards (with Elmo): Bert and Ernie go to a wizarding school.

Episode 12: Three Wishes: Bert and Ernie visit an Arab market.

Episode 13: Kung Fu: Bert and Ernie are kung fu experts and ward off their foes by using sliced up fruit.

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