Jeff Beck

It's been seven years between albums for guitar god Jeff Beck and fans must have been waiting anxiously. It is an interesting and different piece of work in that he recorded much of it backed by a 64-piece orchestra. Don't be frightened off as it is not a total classical album, but there is some Puccini and parts of scores from films.

For the original numbers, he obviously put a lot of thought and effort into it because he actually handpicked all the musicians on it. And has brought on three vocalists, including Joss Stone, to collaborate with. He is able to weave these originals around songs like "I Put A Spell on You" and "Somewhere Over the Rainbow" without it sounding incongruous. That is a talent in itself.

I'm still amazed by the different sounds this man is able to get out of a guitar. With all his accoutrements like wah wah pedals, etc. he is able to coax out tones like few others can.

While there is only around 40 minutes of music on the album it turns out to be well worth it.

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