Robin Hood

The story of Robin Hood is one that most generations have known very well. Whether it be from one of the many films, such as the 1991 Kevin Costner version, the Disney cartoon, the Mel Brooks' comedy "Robin Hood: Men in Tights", or just hearing the myth of Robin Hood Continue Reading

Bigfoot’s Reflections

Most of us are very doubtful of the existence of the creature we've come to call Bigfoot. But watching this 49 minute documentary you begin to think "Well, maybe……" Examples are given to prove the existence of this creature. Canada has many square miles of unexplored forest that is considered Continue Reading

Veronic Dicaire Concert Preview

33-year-old Véronic Dicaire was born in Ontario, but has made a name for herself right here in Quebec. She has become the best known and most popular female singer/impersonator around today. Véronic's showbiz career began when she won parts in musicals like Grease and Chicago. This led to her recording Continue Reading