Bigfoot’s Reflections

Most of us are very doubtful of the existence of the creature we've come to call Bigfoot. But watching this 49 minute documentary you begin to think "Well, maybe……"

Examples are given to prove the existence of this creature. Canada has many square miles of unexplored forest that is considered prime Bigfoot territory. Mel Skahan is a forester from the Yakama Reservation who was told stories as a youth about Bigfoot. Big areas of B.C forest, where there is plenty of food (berries, fish, etc.), but no animals. Strange. We are taken through many stories about sightings, the mystery and the search for this elusive creature.

Certain of these areas actually advertise themselves as Bigfoot and Sasquatch areas. It has become a tourist pull for them. The expert do warn that there is plenty of forgery and fraud, so it does make it more difficult to decide who is legitimate or isn't.

Using interviews with field researchers, biologists and authors the history and story of Bigfoot is laid out for us. The experts discuss the many large sized prints that have been found and reported sightings of a large hairy creature in the U.S. Northwest and Canada's Southwest. Many field researchers have spent a greater part of their lives searching for Sasquatches or Bigfoots. These people are not backing down from their beliefs no matter how much they are mocked by the rest of the world.

Many of these experts believe that scientists are purposely trying to avoid the issue. There is a big debate over whether it is from the ape or homo family. Laymen are disturbed by the fact that it is human-like.

Could a species this big have remained hidden for so long? The documentary gives you plenty of food for thought.

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