Greg Keelor

Music soundtracks in essence are there to service the film and not be something that bowls the listener over musically. That is in most cases. Keelor has done a great job with this film score. It is a little less impressive as an album, but as I previously said it is rare that you can enjoy a film score as a whole

With an impressive 20 tracks it is amazing that the soundtrack only clocks in at just over 30 minutes in length. To explain that I must say that many of the tracks are under one minute in length, but once again the music was made to service the film and not your musical sensibilities.

When listening to it as a whole you can hear how Keelor did instil it with some repeating sound themes. Despite the fact that there is one Blue Rodeo track on the album (Don't Let the Darkness in Your Head) this is not the music that Greg Keelor is used to playing or writing and he shows that he can produce quality even outside of his comfort zone.

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