Where’s Spot? And Other Stories

Author Eric Hill has written many best-selling books for young people starring Spot the dog. The DVD is also aimed at young people with its simple stories and animation. The animation will be familiar to fans of the books. Kids can even read the books along with the DVD. The stories help kids better understand simple concepts like inside, behind and under. The stories are short so they are perfect for pre-school attention spans. Eric Hill's stories have stood the test of time.

Episode 1: Where's Spot?: Spot is missing. You can join in with Sally in the search for him.

Episode 2: Spot's Lost Bone: Spot is upset because he has lost his favourite bone.

Episode 3: Spot at the Playground: Have some fun with Spot at the playground.

Episode 4: Spot Goes to the Park: Have some fun with Spot at the park.

Episode 5 Spot Finds a Key: While Spot is playing in the garden he spies something shiny. It is a key. Now he has to figure out what door the key will open.

Episode 6: Spot Goes Splash!: Have some fun with Spot in the bath.

Special Features: Three Bonus Episodes: Spot's Bath, Spot's Umbrella, and Spot's Treehouse, Spot's Shapes and Colors Game, Eric Hill Reads the Book "Where's Spot?"

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