Escape From L.A. – Blu-ray Edition

Snake is back! This sequel to Escape From New York believe it or not ended up being one of director John Carpenter's (Ghosts of Mars, big Trouble in Little China) best films. Like the previous film it is all about defying authority and filled with tongue-in-cheek satire, action and topped off with intelligence.

It is 2013 and Snake (Kurt Russell – Miracle, Grindhouse) is in Los Angeles, which due to earthquakes has become an island which undesirables are deported to. It is a similar situation in New York. On the surface the U.S. has become a strict moral society, but underneath…

Things are going from bad to worse as the President's (Cliff Robertson – Spider-Man 3, Three Days of the Condor) daughter Utopia (A.J. Langer – The People Under the Stairs) is brainwashed by a Cuban terrorist named Cuervo (Georges Corraface – Not Without My Daughter) to steal a detonation device that is linked up to an EMP weapon system. Desperate, the President calls upon Snake to retrieve his daughter and the device. To make sure he cooperates they have planted a virus in his body that will be released in 9 hours.

It is not often that a sequel surpasses the original, but this is the case with this one. Escape From L.A. is head and shoulders above Escape From New York. Everything works in the film. The ending is one for the ages. Kurt Russell is great as the lead character. All the support cast, like Steve Buscemi, Pam Grier and Peter Fonda, do a great job. Music enhances the lighthearted tone. The costumes are cool.

Fun is poked at everything American in this film. Motorcycle gangs, prostitutes, plastic surgery, politics, all movie genres and characters, and Hollywood agents are all mocked mercilessly.

If you love your films with attitude to boot then pop some corn, sit down in your easy chair, turn on the surround sound, and put this one in the blu-ray player. It is a type of film you can watch many times and never get bored of plus discover new little bits.

Special Features:
-Theatrical Trailer

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